Luxury Center For Dementia Care

Dementia Care Patients are Provided with 24 x 7 Assistance, Medical Care, Healthy Food, Secure Living & Companionship.

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Our Uniqueness

There is no other facility and quality of service that matches the American standards in Pune, Mumbai area.
Our assisted living facility offers a comprehensive range of features, including safety and security around the clock, deeply personalized care, respectful treatment for all residents, regular communication with families, and unparalleled value for money.

Excellent Rooms with Individual Caretakers

We periodically train and supervise the performance of our ayahs, caregivers, attendants etc. for consistently high quality of all the services that we offer. Accommodation options offered to suit everyone.

  • Luxury Private rooms (One attendant 24x7 per patient
  • Twin-sharing Rooms (One attendant for two patients)
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World-class Facilities for Seniors

  • Specialist Doctor on Call, Round-the-clock.
  • Trained Security Staff for prompt action when needed.
  • Psychological Counselling.
  • Entertainment with plenty of TV channels, Music, Games. A well-stocked Library for those who love reading & Spiritual programs that everyone appreciates!
  • CCTV to keep a careful eye on your loved ones.

Other Facilities

  • Physiotherapy
  • Ambulance
  • Doctor-on- Call (Specialist)
  • Meals for Visitors & Guests
  • Telephone for Outgoing Calls
  • Ample of high quality Personal-Care Products
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Features of Our Dementia Care Center

We provide many top-grade services to your loved ones, including round-the-clock high-quality medical assistance that have won the complete trust of hundreds of our dear patrons and the appreciation of their families over the span of more than ten years.

Their home away from home!

VGoldenage Health and Medicare sincerely and capably cares for your loved ones with its highly trained and caring staff, amenities & facilities, personalised programmes, group activities and a vigilant support system.

All Indians, Non-Resident Indians (NRI), Patients and NRI parents are welcome at vGoldenage. For those familiar & habituated to western (US) standards of hygiene, toilet facilities etc. vGoldenage will really be a home away from home.


Better than home care for Dementia Care Patients

Our specially trained caregivers organise and conduct many activities with the residents that keep them engaged; like walking, grooming, laundry, reading to them, assistance with meals, or simply sharing a talk because having a steady, normal routine plays a major role in the well-being of all seniors.

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Daily Doctor Visits for Dementia Care Patient

Medical supervision, assistance, treatment and care is at hand every minute - day or night - for every resident for their individual needs and conditions; including conditions like Dementia. With top-grade medicines & equipment, our well - trained staff makes it their mission to see that the residents are deeply cared for.


Activities for both cheerfulness & Richness of life

For every one of us being in good health, having a good life means living an active, social and vibrant lifestyle. That is why, we have experts who employ highly scientific ways to keep our residents in good health and have a rich, engaging life here at vGoldenage.


Assisted Living for Dementia

What we provide is high-quality Assisted Living for Dementia Care Patients. We are the best option in Mumbai and Pune for anyone who wants their precious, beloved seniors to be cared for in the best possible way.

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Long Term Dementia Care

Any condition requiring long-term caregiving is never easy or simple to manage. It is a proven fact that the level of awareness in a patient can never be known by anyone. Nevertheless, their inability to respond, communicate or move voluntarily is first and foremost considered, studied and responded appropriately to; when caring for them.


Care facilities like Daily walks

Since such conditions need a lot of individual attention and assistance, the patients are personally encouraged & helped to have an evening walk every day. Sounds a small thing for a normal human but to these seniors, it means the world because it makes them feel cared for and stable with a routine.

See for yourself

The living care-facility, its surroundings and the ambience of wide open spaces with magnificent hills ranging all around.

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Would you like to see who are the angels that derive deep satisfaction from giving sincere care to your loved one?

Daily photos are sent to the family on WhatsApp; showing the patient’s day:


A Gentle Wakeup call followed by assisted grooming, breakfast with their choice of activity – perhaps a group meal or a stroll (wheelchair), chatting, appreciating the surrounding natural ambiance etc.


Restful nap with the personal attendant ensuring zero disturbance or reading out to them, sharing something if the patient so wishes etc.


Choice of activity - quietly sitting at a window with a view, perhaps a walk, some games with fellow-mates, music, discussions, visiting a place of worship in our premises etc.


Meal-time, chatting, some entertainment and then lovingly being tucked into bed.


vGoldenage communicates regularly with you about your loved one's health, wellbeing, and overall progress.

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